Digital Topic Workbench for Your Organization

The advantages of the INGravure Workbench are 

(1) Firstly, it will assist you driving your projects or continuous improvement process.

(2 )Secondly, you gain a holistic and digital overview of the active topics in your project.

(3 )And thirdly, you share the information in one place and make things measurable.

(4)  It is responsive and cross-platform. This means that you can access the application from any device and anywhere in the world.

This is what you get:

What do our customers say?

Organization is unique everywhere.

We actually need to do this more. More talking and agreeing and coordinating. .
Project Manager
Ship Building, Schleswig Holstein
But we have succeeded in creating a splendid piece of functionality. I wanted to hire more staff until I realised that I wanted and needed to digitise. We have to strengthen and keep the process lean instead of throwing more and more employees into a non-functioning process.
Heinrich Sommer, Projektmanager
Site management, Frankfurt city centre

Plans and pricing


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  • For one workbench and organization
  • Including 2 days of setup
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  • Topic, Time Sheet and Availability Workbench
  • 10 Organizations and Teams
  • Trainings


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  • Project Management Service
  • Setup and training of the organizations
  • Change management of front- and backend
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For me as a moderator in projects I can do this for the first time, (1) firstly, actively see the key figures while talking to the team and taking up topics And thus also (2) secondly, distribute them correctly, objectively and transparently. Otherwise I like to have all the actions and forget to delegate. Or overburden someone in the project. (3) Thirdly, in virtualised and international teams with many projects and organisations, I can discuss all topics with the team members at any time for the first time. If you too would like to digitise with INGravure, then please contact us now just here or write to with the topic Workbench. Or call us at +49 (0) 431 22 18 86 96