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  1. Offer your customers a secure platform for their visit.
  2. Save the data according to the legal requirements
  3. Offer your guests an extended service.

Out of the crisis, we bring your business forward!


We bring you digitally to the forefront with your CI and the right security and enable you to achieve a sustainable increase in turnover..

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Our customers trust in our Applications

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Out of the crisis, we bring your business forward!

Everyone bled during the crisis and now we want to move the business forward again. We will bring your business back to the top on Google my business or Facebook or Xing and Linkedin. We create vouchers to make your business known. We make it possible for your customers to buy vouchers, give them away or reserve the next session or purchase your products digitally.

With a barcode at your place we give your customers the chance for digital interaction. Reviews, purchase of vouchers or products or the next reservation.

In the crisis, things had to be done quickly and care has suffered as a result. Many companies record visitor data with simple slips of paper, which, however, do not meet the requirements from the most diverse perspectives. Or on which one can see who is there and can also collect signatures.

Did you know that a slip of paper can be used to display customer data if customer data is not backed up properly?
How can you secure so that your guys don’t copy the phone numbers of the pretty girls and call them?
Did you know that they can digitize right now and use it for active marketing? They can now come forward.
We’ll show you how you can quickly submit all contacts to the health department within 5 minutes on a Friday afternoon. This is the only way you can meet the requirements of the public health department in case of an emergency.

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